CLC Block Making Machines ( Cellular Light Weight Concrete )

Description: Foam Concrete is also known as "Cellular light weight concrete", "CLC", "Foamed cement", "Light Weight Concrete" across the world with its greater advantages. CLC BLOCKS Cellular light weight concrete also known as foamed concrete is cast as the building blocks that uses Fly ash, cement, Sand as its raw material. They can be produced in a wide range of density from 400 to 1800 kg/cubic meter. We are pioneers in manufacturing of Cellular lightweight concrete plants. We manufacture plants of capacity ranging between 15 cu m to 120 cu m per day.

Production of CLC does not require a large factory setup. This makes cost production of CLC much lesser than that of AAC. CLC light weight blocks can be produced onsite as well due to its simple manufacturing process.

Cellular Lightweight Concrete ( CLC ) is conventional concrete, where natural aggregate (gravel) is exchanged for the best insulation medium available, namely air, embedded in an organic and bio-degradable foam that offers no chemical reaction but solely serves as wrapping material for the air.

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